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Rekeying Services

When do You Need Rekeying Services?

There are many cases in which you may be advised to get lock replacement, but if you have an expensive locking door handle, throwing it away likely won't sound like a great idea. Fortunately, there is another way you can restore security when an unwanted person has your key. You can hire rekeying services to make it work with a new set of keys, which also renders all old keys useless.

Rekeying services are needed any time someone has a key and you want to stop them from being able to use it. It is a popular service for upscale residential landlords and commercial building operators. Homeowners who want to keep their exes out of their houses also use rekeying services when they don't want to change their entire locks.
Whether it's worth it to get rekeying services depends mostly on the cost of the lock in question. If you have costly locks, then it makes sense to want to keep them even when you want to make the old keys obsolete. However, if your entire lock only cost you $20 or so, it's better to just go with lock replacement. A replacement of a low-cost lock may also save you from needing to bother with lock repair for a while.

Most companies that offer lock replacement and rekeying services also handle lock repair. This may be needed for a number of reasons. Wear and tear, contamination from road grit, and tampering attempts can all cause a lock to seize. A seized lock often refuses to open, but in some cases, it will no longer go into the locked position instead. Either way, it will need lock repair if it would be too costly to just replace it.

As with many issues involving repair, the cost of the item in question is usually the driving factor when determining how to handle a lock problem. Therefore, the first thing you should do is call and get a quote from a locksmith. Then, you can compare this cost to that of a new lock. Next, factor in whether you would install the new lock yourself, or if you would need to hire a service.

If the cost of the new lock (plus installation service, if needed) is less than the cost of the repair service, get the new one. When the figures work the other way, go for rekeying or repair. Either way, a locksmith service can provide all of the help you need when it comes to installation, repair, or rekeying. Call one today to get started.

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