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Commercial Security Systems

Are Commercial Security Systems Better than Residential Ones?

It is typically assumed that commercial security systems are better than residential ones. However, this is not necessarily the case. In reality, whether one system is better than another depends on its details, not whether it is called "commercial" or not.

Low-end locking systems are easy to break, bypass, pick, or otherwise defeat. However, price alone won't tell you which ones to buy. Instead, look for locks that are made of tough materials so that brute-force attacks are less likely to work. Also, be sure to ask the locksmith about anti-pick features and anti-shim technology present in the locks of interest. You should look for a lock that is made to deter both physical and picking attacks.

Commercial security technicians will also warn that a lock, alone, is not enough to stop a truly dedicated trespasser. This is why commercial and government security does not only rely on locks. Good commercial security systems also include cameras, alarms, and in some cases, even have locks that only open if someone inside a building activates them. In the latter case, the person who wants to enter has to identify him- or herself at the door, and a live security person will "buzz" them in.

Of course, the more complex commercial security systems are, the more likely they are to need repair. For this reason, commercial security technicians are in good demand in any commercial area. They can fix balky buzzer systems, repair or replace cameras, and fix locks that have been damaged by would-be thieves trying to pick them.

A government security locksmith knows that government buildings have the same types of security concerns as commercial ones. Some of these buildings need the highest levels of security, while others only house unimportant things and can get by with a minimal amount of protection. However, all need to have durable locks that can withstand plenty of use, and if outside, can work even if some contamination makes it into the keyhole. This helps to ensure that the locks will not suffer from premature failure.

Another thing that a government security locksmith does is typically invisible to most of the public. Such a company is able to work with the government's way of handling bidding, invoicing, and other such things. The ability to work with such systems is not common among locksmiths who are only used to dealing with individual homeowners. Therefore, governmental agencies will often find themselves dealing with one of a few government security locksmith companies, while the residential market is far more spread out.

Washington, DC has a rich combination of residential, commercial, and government buildings. Therefore, it is easy to find a locksmith who can handle all three in this city.

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