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What is Different About Building Locksmith Services?

The idea that there is a need for special building locksmith services may seem strange if you typically only interact with the lock on your house's door. However, there are actually several differences between servicing household locks and the ones in buildings. This makes it so that some residential locksmiths are unable to handle the larger commercial and governmental projects.

One of the first differences is the types of locks used. Residential ones are typically part of the doorknob itself, while commercial buildings often have a relatively flat deadbolt lock combined with a separate handle. Quality deadbolt locks are harder to kick open than knob-based ones, and this is why they are so popular for exterior commercial doors. They also tend to be made of stronger materials, so they last longer.

Inside of a commercial building, there can be hundreds of locks. Both commercial and residential towers have many units, as do long, low multi-unit structures. This makes it so that any project that involves changing out all of the locks is a big endeavor. Thanks to the sheer number of locks involved, these buildings are more likely to need lock repair services, as well. In order to handle this scale, building locksmith services have large crews ready to go. Residential locksmiths, on the other hand, typically have just one or a few people available to work.

A governmental locksmiths service is much like a commercial one because many government buildings pose the same sorts of challenges. However, this service is able to install and repair locks and security systems that can be more secure – and more complex - than either residential or standard commercial versions. The highest levels of security are only used on certain government buildings, but when they are needed, they must be installed and maintained flawlessly. Because of this, the government can't choose just any locksmith.

The governmental locksmiths service is also able to work with the government's arcane rules for forms, bidding, invoicing, and more. Companies that haven't worked with the government or military are often stymied by the bureaucracy, which is often hard for newcomers to figure out. Because of this, many government procurement officers prefer to work with companies that already have experience with this aspect of doing business with them.

To get the locksmith services you need in Washington, DC, contact BMG Lock Service. They are able to handle residential, commercial, and government lock projects of all sizes and security levels. This company also has the staff levels needed to do large jobs on a timely basis.

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