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Electronic Locks

Is it Hard to Install Electronic Locks?

The difficulty level of electronic lock installation depends on whether or not they are battery operated. Those that are can be installed fairly easily, assuming their parts line up well with the existing holes from the lock that is being replaced. Locks that need to be hardwired in, on the other hand, require the skills of someone who knows his or her way around electrical systems.

Lock installation will require holes to be drilled if it is the first time a door has had one or if the new lock doesn't line up with the old holes. This is simple with wooden doors and wooden jambs. Chiseling a new hole into a typical door jamb (to accept the lock's pawl) just requires a chisel, a hammer, and a decently good eye. A hole saw takes care of the door side of the operation.

If the door or jamb are made of metal, on the other hand, it will require beefier equipment to make the needed holes. This will prolong the amount of time needed for the lock installation job, and depending on the metal in question, may make it a bit trickier.
Some electronic locks won't require a big round hole through the door, but there must still be a shaft created so that the pawl can stick out of the side. Therefore, drilling is inevitable unless there is already an opening in the right place. Typically, there will be such an opening if the door has had a lock before. However, if it is a brand-new door, it may not have one.

Either way, it isn't that hard to install electronic locks. Any good locksmith should be able to do it.

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