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Commercial Locksmith

Ensure Your Building is Secure with a Commercial Locksmith

Securing a commercial building can be quite different than securing a single house. One reason for this is that there are more variables involved. While a small building may not need locks that are all that different from those on single-family homes, a large one can require quite a bit more.

Many commercial buildings have multiple units or areas that need to be individually secured. Often, the locks used have to be unique to each area, with no master override key. A commercial locksmith has the needed inventory and experience to get the job done quickly, even if there are hundreds of doors that need to be outfitted.

In some cases, the locks in such a location do need to be openable with a single master key. This is especially true in buildings that offer janitorial services to tenants. Hotels and motels also need such locks so that the housekeeping services can enter at their appointed times. In the latter case, the locks also typically work by programmable cards, rather than old-fashioned keys. A commercial locksmith will have the needed ones in stock and ready to go, so there will be little downtime when it's time to upgrade the locks.

One of the things most commercial locations have in common is the need for highly durable locks. The doors in such places may be locked and unlocked several times per day, and their locks and handles have to be able to handle such use. In some areas, exterior versions also have to be able to work despite the presence of contaminants like grit or road salt. Therefore, a residential lock often won't do the job even if the need for actual security is minimal.

With all of these locks and keys/cards, it's no wonder that commercial lockouts are fairly common. A good locksmith can restore access to a unit quickly, and will often be able to do so without breaking the lock. This makes it easy for tenants to get back into their units, or for landlords to regain access if a tenant has abandoned a unit without returning the keys.

Government lock services cover all the things that commercial services do, but they often involve the installation of locks with much higher security levels. These may use biometric systems along with or instead of traditional keys. Another popular system only opens if someone inside the building activates it. Because these locks can be quite costly, not all commercial locksmiths are able to provide government lock services. Agencies should be sure to check when calling a locksmith.

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