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Electronic Security Systems

Are Electronic Security Systems Any Good?

Movies make it look like electronic security systems are some of the best possible options. However, as certain videos make abundantly clear, this is not always the case! When you look for the lock aspect of electronic security systems, be sure that it has been hardened against easy methods of attack. Here are some of the top things to insist upon.

First, be sure that the lock's mechanism cannot be thwarted by a magnet. Some electronic security systems have locks whose internals are operated by a magnet. When activated, the magnet allows the lock to be turned. If this system is not shielded properly, all one has to do to walk right by it is stick a stronger magnet to the side. In order to stop this, the lock must either not use a magnetic system, or be properly shielded against external magnetism. Many systems are not shielded, so be sure to check!

Next, pay close attention to any "bypass" or "override" lock that may be included. Many electronic systems also include a key-based method of opening in case the power fails or the battery dies. Unfortunately, these bypass locks are often easy to pick. Be sure to choose a lock that either has no bypass lock or that has one that will be able to resist at least novice-level picking attacks.

Finally, choose a lock that's strong enough to resist attempts to just kick the door open. Many thieves don't bother with picking, but instead, will try to get through a lock with brute force. In order to fully harden a door, electronic security installation may involve installing a metal door jamb as well as a new lock.

Business security services will also be sure to tell you that an electronic lock, by itself, is not a full security system. Instead, electronic security systems should also include cameras and alarms. Some even work by having someone inside of a building "buzz" people in after verifying their identities via closed-circuit video. By combining many components into electronic security systems, you end up with a system that is far more secure than any single component would be.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good system is to work with a trusted locksmith. Highly-qualified locksmiths know which locks are worth using, and the most trustworthy ones will refuse to carry the types that are easy to bypass or pick. They will also be able to advise you on which cameras, buzz-in systems, and other security measures will be good for your location. Then, you can rest assured that your electronic lock will work as well as you expect it to.

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